How Has The Accounting Industry Been Influenced By Technology?

All accountants are aware of the fact that accounting is the language a business speaks. There are a lot of changes that this language has been through in the past. Despite there being a lot of changes in how accounting techn0ology works, it has helped them do their jobs more easily. As we have more knowledge of technology, so have accountants in their fields when it comes to how they analyze statistics. Many technological advancements have been made so accountants can look over data more effectively. Now an accountant is able to look over the language of business without too much trouble which is why accountants are so trusted in the business world. If you need Paperchase Accountancy please see here.


Most accountants will tell you that accounting is the language that a business tries to talk. Many changes have occurred in the field of accounting as time has gone on. When you look at it in a certain way, accounting technology is put together to make a accountant’s life more easy. Now that we have more technology that helps with accounting, it’s easier to benefit from it. There are a lot of great advancements and they will be discussed below. Once an accountant uses technology, they can look into business in a more well rounded way.

How Accounting Has Changed Over Time

To begin, look at how the invention of something like the abacus changed how accounting worked. Even though it wasn’t considered a piece of technology at the time, we can look at how many adding machines were invented to help with calculations. Once the counting machine was invented, then came the calculator which is easier and more accurate to use. When technology has changed, so did an accountant’s ability to do their work. However, even with new technology like calculators, accountants were still required to use pen and paper to keep track of things. When you look at the process of measuring, looking into, and talking about financial information you’ll see that paper records were a big part of the process. As an accountant, you had to be as detail oriented as possible.

When the tail end of the twentieth century came around, accounting started to look a lot different. There were computers becoming more common as were things like accounting software. Now businesses can use programs like Excel from Microsoft which introduced an electronic spreadsheet. With that there was no longer a need for ledgers, pencils, or adding machines of all types. The work became easier and less tedious while errors were less common as well. The training that accountants had to go through changed quite a bit and became a lot easier to get through. Because of the computer being invented, accountants were then able to analyze data and do statistical accounting without a lot of problems. Technology that came about from accounting has gotten rid of the menial jobs that were hard to do that involved crunching numbers to figure out things like tax information before things were more automated.

What You Need To Know About The Intranet And Extranet

Accounting professional in today’s world know how important the internet is to work with when it comes to e-business. The internet is used regularly for different business functions the enterprise needs assistance with. E-business is allowing for an accounting firm to get activities coordinated while making internal management a lot more simple. There are enterprise applications that can be worked with on the intranet, or small internal network. The intranet is there to pass on information to the employees like what programs or corporate policies need to be looked into. It revolves around a portal which is where there is an access point. Information can now originate from different systems through a web type of interface. They can have features like email or the ability to share internal documents like the company’s code of ethics. It’s an easy way to communicate in business and keep things organized. People that do accounting are also able to speak with one another when not on the job when you look at the extranet. This lets clients have access that’s a little limited which makes it less possible for them to make mistakes when importing or exporting files. When you link up with others electronically, it helps with efficiency and cuts costs in areas like having to travel for work related functions.