The importance of Your Vehicle’s Suspension

The suspension of your vehicle has to last for years while it carries you tens of thousands of miles, and this requires it to be tough. But, it equally easily can get damaged if it encounters a pothole, rock or curb, and it will wear out quickly if you drive frequently off-road, or on bumpy roads. Suspension systems of workhorse vehicles that constantly carry heavy loads also have to work hard.The life of your suspension system has many elements that cannot be predicted, and that is the reason you need to get it inspected at regular intervals. Come to Auto Select, and allow us to identify the parts that are broken, missing, or worn out. If you need performance shock absorbers then have a look at these high-quality products!

Your control over a vehicle will decrease if your suspension system is not effective, and as a result, if it is damaged it can lead to the worst form of vehicular damage, by leading you into dangerous accidents. Suspension systems are made up of springs and shocks, as shock absorbers are called. Springs act to suspend the vehicle’s weight on top of its axles. These springs make the vehicle bounce over bumps, and this helps in reducing the force that the impact will have on the vehicle, and this rebound allows the vehicle to have a smooth ride. They also help to ensure that the tires are constantly in touch with the road. Shocks can determine how easily you can handle and control your vehicle’s performance. Springs, that are part of the suspension system, have to be heavy duty, but will get worn out over time, or just breakdown. Shock absorbers also need to be tough, but can also wear out. Your vehicle will also have struts. They are a combination of the shock absorber and springs. Like shocks, struts have a lifespan that is limited. Preventive maintenance of your vehicle must include inspection of struts and shocks for damage and wear.

As a properly functional suspension system is part of the safety features on your vehicle, you need to be proactive about caring for it. Good care of your car’s suspension can help in preventing accidents. A suspension system will give you signs that it needs your attention. If your tires have a cupped pattern it is a sign that your tires are bouncing unevenly. Problems in the handling performance of your vehicle is another sign of suspension problems. A “floaty” feeling when you are taking corners and feel you are drifting is one more sign. Another sign is when there is a significant dip of the vehicle’s front when you brake, or it keeps rocking when you stop. Auto Select technicians will first check your shocks visually. If there is a leak in them, they will suggest a replacement. Any of the other signs mentioned, can call for a thorough inspection of the entire suspension system. If you have an accident that has involved any of your vehicle’s wheels, you need to have your suspension system inspected. Never delay repairs to your suspension. An actual failure of a suspension system can lead to a serious accident. Do not replace any one shock absorber if it is defective. Replace all of them. Then your vehicle will handle evenly. If your are advised to replace just one shock, it is bad advice. Any replacement of shocks or struts must be with OEM parts, their equivalent, or those that are better than the original. Any OEM equipment was designed considering the weight and the use the vehicle was expected to go through, and you must never downgrade that. Upgrading is however, something that you will have to take a call on. If your suspension system is constantly being subjected to a workout, or you want to improve the handling performance of your vehicle, then get yourself some better shocks. If you are constantly carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer, then you would do better with heavy-duty shocks.