Tips For Taking Care of Your Home

It is now time to look around your home and fix things up, and the best way of doing things is to start slowly in sections.

It is easier to maintain your home when you take time to section each task. It is only going to take you a couple of hours each week to do the job and only for a few days. If you keep doing this, your home will always look great. Please see Blue Box Storage for all your storage needs.

Below is the checklist you need to have in place;

Weekly Home Maintenance
When it comes to the weekly routine, the key features should be the emphasis. This is important because it will help in ensuring that the tasks are handled the right way.

The first thing you need to do is vacuum everything in detail or run a mop across the hardwood flooring. This will deal with any surface-level issues present.

You can also set aside time to use in cleaning the bathroom, especially when you choose to section of your task.
A great example is using a Zip-It to clean the drains and get rid of hair trapped in the bathroom and sink. It is easy to repair tile grout that has been damaged in the tub. Clean the appliances by giving them a good rub using a cloth. If you still find this hard, then consider splitting the task faster and cleaning each of your appliances separately.

Monthly Home Maintenance
When you want to work on the monthly tasks, make sure you choose a day of the month that you are going to set aside and do these tasks.

These tasks can include;
Cleaning and/or replacing the furnace filter (this is a good way of keeping costs down)
Cleaning the range hood and filter
Checking on the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working (replace the batteries if needed)
Ensuring the fire extinguisher is fully charged
Polishing baseboard, wood furniture, and light fixtures
Inspecting your home for visible problems like shrubbery, insect nests, fallen shingles, damaged sidings, or overgrown trees.
When you spot these problems early, you get the chance of preventing them from getting worse.

Yearly Home Maintenance
This is the time to focus on the task you need to do every year.
Organizing the attic, garage, and basement
Washing the windows and window screens to make sure sunlight can come inside your home easily
Focus on outdoor improvement projects (putting together a patio, installing a fence, concrete driveway)
Cleaning every room in your home and repainting your walls
Removing shrubbery, cleaning the gutters, and pruning trees
Replacing curtains and moving furniture around

These things are going to have a big impact on how your home looks and it is going to add value to your property. When it comes to doing the yearly tasks, make sure you are patient and give yourself enough time to notice something that needs to be done. There is a lot you can do, just take your time and find out what they are.

In most of the above cases, you have to choose a specific project then focus on it, giving each one of them a few days. It is a good idea to do it at the same time every year because you will get good results. It is important to find changes that you have to make before you move to others that are not that important.

When you do this, you get better results from your maintenance efforts and everything will go ahead perfectly.