Are Triple Glazed Windows A Worthwhile Investment?

Even though double glazing has become the standard in many countries across the world, where does this leave triple glazing? Will it become the next era of thermal technology or is it just a luxurious product? In countries like Scandinavia, triple glazing has increased in popularity and is now extensively used. Most of the new home builds now feature tripe glazing. It is also now acknowledged as a superior product. Please see Bill Butters Windows for all your door and window needs!

But could these trends continue in a country like the UK, where our temperature variations are far less extreme? In this article, we will explain the benefits and construction relating to triple glazing. We will also dispel a few of the myths along with cover the uses of investing in triple-glazed windows.

What Are Triple-Glazed Windows?

Essentially, triple-glazed windows include three glass panes instead of two that are found in double-glazed windows. The cavities between the glass panes are typically filled with inert gases including krypton, xenon, or argon.

How Do Triple-Glazed Windows Work?

The innovation relating to triple glazing extends further than just an additional glass pane. With this third glass pane comes an extra air-pocket buffer. The inert gas that is used to fill these pockets is also heavier when compared to the air that surrounds us. It is this feature that makes these windows more effective when it comes to retaining heat and muting noise.

This is an incredibly important feature when it comes to the overall performance relating to multiple-glazed products. If the glass panes are all the same in thickness, then a triple-glazed window only provides a modest insulation increase when compared to double-glazing products. However, if one of the glass panes is thicker when compared to the other two this allows for premium thermal and audio protection.

Triple-Glazing Benefits

Whether comparing double or single-glazed alternatives, triple-glazed products are beneficial in several ways.


Heat conservation is usually the largest consideration when it comes to glazing in homes. In fact, Building Regulations now require that windows installed today, should not have a U value that exceeds 1.6. This means that any newly installed window in the UK needs to be at a minimum double-glazed. However, the U-value of a triple-glazed product is remarkably lower when compared to the minimum regulation. With the typical average of 0.8 and some of the manufacturers even achieving as low as 0.5, it makes sense that this option is the optimal energy-efficient choice when it comes to glazing.


Busy flight paths, industrial zones, rail lines, and roads all contribute to noise pollution that affects many residential homes all over the UK. Other noises caused by playgrounds, bin rounds, playgrounds, schools, and farms make it easy to see why soundproofing is important for modern homes. A reliable triple-glazing system has the potential to decrease “noise pollution” by as much as 54 decibels.


Sound insulation also offers other benefits. Triple-glazed products can also increase privacy inside your home. This is a significant benefit that many parents experience when they have musical teenagers. On a visual level, triple-glazed windows provide a range of privacy advantages. From tinted glass, obscured glass, to smart glass which can change with conditions, it is possible to turn your home into a much more private sanctuary.


Over and above the practical advantages relating to energy efficiency, triple-glazed products also increase your day-to-day comfort. The protection level provided by these windows does away with unpleasant draughts that sweep through your house on those cold mornings. The casement structure also provides an easy way to use these windows with several ventilation options, ergonomic handles and latches, and opening configurations.

Here at Bill Butters Windows and Doors, we strive to make sure our customers are making the best choice for their homes and circumstances. So call us today to decide whether triple-glazing works for your situation.