How Homeowners Can Prepare Their Homes For Property Marketing Services

Preparing your house for sale entails more than improving the property’s physical attributes through the repair of structural elements. Apart from a detailed description of the property, quality photography and video content should make the property more discoverable and appealing to a host of potential buyers. If you need a land registry plan please see here.

When taking marketing pictures of your home, the camera must be well-placed to capture different property angles. Additionally, post-production editing helps remove unwanted objects like cloudy skies or errant wheelie bins from marketing pictures and videos.

To prepare your property for marketing services, you need a professional who tells you how to help ready the property before the operator’s arrival. Apart from relying upon ideal camera angles, all the paraphernalia lying around your home’s compound will elicit different experiences and emotions and impact how potential buyers perceive your property.

Regardless of how innovative and dynamic the camera operator may be, the property owner can also help create compelling visual content and increase the impact of the property’s listing, reducing the time the property stays on the market.

Upon booking an appointment with us, we provide you with a guide on preparing your property before our camera operator arrives. Seemingly insignificant tasks such as cleaning the compound and putting away the bins may be what you need to sell off your house quickly. Keep reading to build a better picture of what to expect and how you can help.

In our experience, we continually affirm the importance of incredibly taken property shots in creating a feeling of home for potential buyers of residential property. We are creative, relying on the right camera angles to bring out your property’s powerful features while hiding the unsightly sections such as unmade beds.

The good thing is that there is no heavy lifting or costly preparation work for the seller to undertake before our team gets to their property. However, their input will prove remarkably valuable in videography and property marketing.

Outside Sections of the Property
There is almost no need for marketing pictures to capture cars on the driveway of your property. In contrast, potential buyers need to see the type of your property’s fa├žade. When preparing the outside area of your property for marketing photography, try to maintain the space as straightforward as possible. Aside from cars, put away garden equipment, hoses, bins, washing line, and kids’ toys.

Ensure the property looks uniform when viewed from outside by, for instance, closing all the windows and doors. Nonetheless, ensure all curtains and blinds are left open. Also, with enough time before our appointment, tidy up the flowerbed, cut the big shrubs and mow the lawn if your house has one.

For properties with garden furniture, prepare the outdoor space by tucking chairs in, laying out cushions if the weather is favorable, and opening parasols. Also, remove the swimming pool cover if you have a swimming pool on your property.

Inside Sections of the Property
Preparing the inside areas of your property for marketing services is not so different from the outside; the idea is to eliminate anything that unnecessarily diverts attention from the house itself.

For instance, in the kitchen, clear all clutter on the worktops and shelves. Remember to put stuff like kitchen gloves, tea towels, and soap inside closed cupboards. Remove drying pots and pans from the draining boards. Remove utensils from the washing machines and keep the door of the washing machine closed. Empty the bin and ensure no recycling is left hanging.

For the bathroom space, unless you are dealing with premium brands only or part of the room’s decor, put away all consumables like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. Fold the bathmats and draw back the shower curtains as well.
The appearance of some unsightly areas, such as large water stains or scuffs, can be improved in the post-production of the property’s photos. Still, it’s best to deal with them before potential buyers begin trooping in for property inspection.

Other simple tasks you can carry out include:

  • Drawing open curtains and blinds
  • Making sofa cushions seem fuller
  • Straightening out loose covers
  • Ensuring cables are hidden away

Additionally, make a positive appearance by cleaning, removing dust, and polishing your home’s vanished surfaces and glazed finishes.

Shut down the television or any monitor in the house. However, lit fireplaces will increase your home’s atmospheric value. Put away all personal stuff and documents, including artwork or family pictures. In possible instances, we try to blur personal items. However, entirely removing them is the best way to prepare the internal spaces for seamless photography and videography.

Finally, completely clear the space underneath the beds or cover up the spaces using decorative draperies.