Home Preparation Tips For Property Marketing Services

There are many things involved in property marketing, especially behind the scenes. This includes dealing with wheelie bins, capturing good camera angles, using post production techniques to remove things that don’t make a property look perfect etc. So, when you set up an appointment, we will send you the necessary guidelines on how to thoroughly prepare your home before our operator visits. This includes thoroughly cleaning the home, moving items or packing them away etc. In order to have a better idea on everything that needs to be done, keep on reading. Please see Fourlabs for all your property marketing needs.

Getting Ready For Professional Videography & Photography

One great way to give possible buyers a good feel of the home is through professional photos. Our photographers are extremely professional and imaginative and will be able to disguise unattractive parts of your home or even something like an unmade bed. However, if you want to make the most of the opportunity, you should prepare before they arrive. This won’t take too much work and it will also help with videography.


Move any vehicles in your driveway or from the front of your home and park them elsewhere. You should create a clear space so that the photographer can take fantastic shots. You should also ensure that items such as the bins, equipment used for gardening, toys, bins etc are all put away and out of sight. The windows should all be closed as well as the doors to ensure that the house looks uniform. The blinds and curtains should also be open. If you have flowers or shrubs around the home, make sure that you clean them and make them tidy. Mow the lawn if you have a lawn. If there are various pieces of gardening furniture, you should make sure they are clean and set neatly. The chairs in particular should be tucked in and you can even use cushions to make them more attractive. If you have a pool, then make sure that it is clean, clear and ensure the cover is off.


Next, you’ll need to prepare the interior of your home. This means you’ll need to move a lot of items that you typically use and keep them out of sight. So, for example, in the kitchen, you’ll have to ensure all of the surfaces are clear and all the items that you typically use such as gloves, towels, soap etc in your cupboards. The draining boards should not have any pots, cutlery, pans etc and the washing machine should also be clear. Ensure that you remove the bin from the kitchen and ensure that there aren’t any recycling items in the kitchen.

You’ll need to check the bathrooms and remove toiletries, bathmats, towels and more. We can fix photos after we’ve taken them via post production editing, however, it is best to address issues such as water stains and other blemishes before the photos are taken. These should also be dealt with before any possible buyers view your home.

Some of the easy tasks you can do include fixing the couch cushions, opening the blinds, fixing any loose covers, adjusting and fixing cables etc. You should also vacuum the floors and carpets, thoroughly dust the home and polish glass etc.

The television sets should all be turned off and if you have a fireplace, it may be a good idea to light it to create an inviting environment. Make sure that you move your personal effects, documents and photos from the home. In most cases, we simply blur faces in the photos but it may not always be possible. Lastly, you should also ensure that the beds are all clear, including under them.