5 Things HGV Drivers Wish Car Drivers Knew

Let’s face it, if you haven’t been trained to drive an HGV, you don’t have any idea what it’s like to be out there on the road in one. Many drivers complain about HGVs, and the constant barrage of news doesn’t put them in a great light. However, the challenges that these drivers face are more than many of us begin to comprehend, so, we’re sharing the 5 things that HGV driving training cost drivers wish that car drivers knew.

HGV’s Are Challenging To Manoeuver

While this may be obvious, the average UK driver can still become impatient when HGV drivers are blocking traffic to manoeuver their trailer into a position to load or unload. We know you’re frustrated, we’re trying to manoeuver our trailer into position and it weighs 40 tonnes. We have limited visual sight, we often have tight corners, and it can take some time. The more experienced we are at it, the better we’re going to be, however, it can still take some time to manoeuver it safely. Please, give us some space and patience, we want to be out of your way as quickly as possible.

HGV’s Take Longer To Stop Than Cars

While this is obvious, many cars fail to take this into account while in front or behind us, especially on motorways. It’s far easier to stop a car than it is to stop an HGV in traffic. It can take 100 feet or more for a car to stop, for a fully loaded HGV, it can take three to five times that amount of space. This can create serious issues on motorways. Please, give us some space to slow down especially as we near intersections and roundabouts.

Our Speed Is Regulated

Have you ever seen the little signs on some HGVs that state “speed regulated to 70”? This mean that we can’t go any faster, our speed is calibrated at 70 mph and connected to an electronic limiter. We simply can’t go any more quickly. We frequently have to sit in the far left lane. Drivers may get frustrated with us, however, we simply can’t go any faster.

We can’t See As Well

While it may come as a huge shock to car drivers, we can’t see as much as you think we can. Our field of vision is actually very limited. We have to pay close attention and always be mindful of where others are. Pedestrians and other drivers have to watch for us because we may not always see you. We have very limited lines of sight so we must be careful and other drivers should be as well.

We All Share The Road

The road belongs to all of us. Per the average driver profile from 2007, the average driver in the UK was definitely frustrated by the non-commercial drivers that don’t seem to understand that the road is shared by all. Per the survey, the typical UK road driver didn’t have the time nor the patience to wait and watch for any HGV drivers. However, it’s important to note that HGV drivers are simply doing their job and going to and from work just like everyone else. They’re definitely not trying to dominate the road or get in any one else’s way.