5 Important Things HGV Drivers Want Car Drivers To Know

Honestly, unless you have driven an HGV, the average driver has no idea what it is like trying to control one of these vehicles. People frequently complain about them. There is also a constant stream of news stories where HGV driving licence drivers are not always portrayed in the most positive ways. However, these drivers are faced with challenges that most people do not understand. So here, we wanted to share 5 things with you that HGV drivers would like other motorists to know.

It Is Very Hard To Manoeuvre An HGV

That may sound really obvious. However, the average driver in the UK tends to get very impatient whenever an HGV needs to block traffic for a couple of minutes to manoeuvre the trailer. Trust us, we understand that it is frustrating. However, an 18-metre vehicle needs to be moved around that weighs up to 40 tonnes and has limited visibility. This frequently needs to be done around tight corners. More experienced drivers will be better at it, but even then it will take a couple of minutes to manoeuvre the HGV safely. So please give the driver the space they need and trust they want to get out of your way just as much as you want them to.

It Takes Longer To Brake An HGV Than A Car

This is also obvious. However, it definitely worth accounting for it whenever you are driving behind or in front of an HGV, especially on motorways. Although it may be possible for you to stop relatively quickly, normally around 100 feet, an HGV that is fully loaded will need 3 to 5 times this amount of distance. So if you are in front of an HGV but not paying close attention to the road, having to conduct a quick emergency stop can result in serious problems. This is frequently the cause of motorway crashes that involve HGVs. So when you see HGVs out on the road, be sure you break in enough time. Also, be patient when they are slowing down when approaching roundabouts and intersections.

The Speed Of HGVs Is Regulated

You might have seen on some HGVS in the back there is a sign saying ‘speed regulated at 70.’ What these signs mean is that these vehicles are unable to physically go faster than 70 miles per hour due to electronic limiters. That is why HGVs are often in the far-left lane on motorways. However, you will be amazed at how many drivers grow very frustrated when they are in the back of an HGV. They are not attempting to slow you down, they simply cannot go any faster.

HGV Drivers Are Not Able To See As Much As You Might Think

Due to the size of large vehicles such as lorries, drivers have a somewhat limited field of vision. At all times, HGV drivers must pay close attention and watch out for others. However, other drivers and pedestrians need to ensure they can be seen easily and don’t get in an HGVs way, keeping in mind the limited visibility of the drivers.

The Road Belongs To Everyone

In 2007 an average driver profile was compiled which showed that the average driver in the UK was very frustrated with non-commercial drivers who did not seem to understand that the roads belong to everyone. The survey showed that the average user of UK roads did not have the care or patience with other road users that HGVs do. However, HGV drivers are simply doing their jobs. They are definitely not trying to get in anyone’s way or inconvenience them.