The Pros Of Remote Working

Greater Flexibility And Freedom

One of the things that remote workers truly enjoy is their freedom and flexibility. They are able to plan out their day according to the work they have to do as well as their home situation. This would give them the flexibility to easily help their elderly parents go shopping, go to the doctor, go to their kid’s recital or game etc. Also, they won’t need to get permission from their employers or work with other employees to arrange time off which reduces a great deal of pressure. Employers that give their employees this type of freedom will improve their employees overall happiness, job satisfaction and feelings of freedom.

Saves Money

It is quite costly to go to work when you have to consider the cost of travelling, gas if driving, clothes for work, snacks and coffee, parking, buying presents for co-workers during the holidays or birthdays etc. When you opt for remote working, these expenses are drastically reduced which results in a significant amount of savings. This provides employees with extra disposable income that they can use in other ways.

Additionally, with remote working, the cost of childcare is also reduced and parents can easily spend more time with their kids. That said, it is best to avoid working with young kids close by.

Saves Time

Next, remote working saves time on travelling or commuting and allows everyone to easily manage their schedules. There are some persons who prefer to get more work done in the afternoon, then there are those who prefer to work in the morning and others who do their best work in the evening. So, once your schedule doesn’t negatively impact your co-workers and you can easily meet deadlines, then with remote working, you can easily work whenever you desire.

Remote working helps to eliminate any time spent travelling and meetings can be done via video call apps through the intranet.


While working remotely, it is possible for employees to work from any part of the world. It isn’t necessary that all employees live in one particular country or city that they don’t want to. Also, if an employee wanted to move due to their spouse changing jobs from one location to the next, it allows the other spouse to keep their job once they are working remotely. The great thing about remote working is that you can work anywhere that has a good internet connection. This means it is possible to work on a beach, mountain, exotic city etc.

Lots Of Peace & Quiet

In a conventional office, the noise levels are typically quite high which is very distracting. This is due to many people talking, phones constantly ringing etc. This can be good for socialization, however, it isn’t great for working. Many people require quiet in order to do their best work. So, remote working is a great option as it allows employees to work in the quiet of their home and will likely increase productivity. See here for ‘business process improvement consultant‘.

Improve Happiness & Health

Travelling and working in an office almost every day of the week isn’t healthy. The great thing about remote working is that it prevents unnecessary contact with other persons which is quite important now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It will help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Also, remote working can greatly improve mental health and well being. This is due to the fact that working at home and in your own space can be quite relaxing. This will improve motivation and productivity which is exactly what every employer wants.