Searching for a job is a daunting endeavour…

Nevertheless, regardless of your professional qualifications and career stage, getting guidance from the right people can make a huge difference in terms of finding and getting the right job for you. Recruitment agencies are the most valuable resource you can use to find your dream role.

If you don’t know how these agencies work, you’ve come to the right place. This article aims to shed some light on the recruitment process and the main roles of professional recruiters in matching candidates with the perfect jobs. For readers in the Brighton area see Brighton recruitment.

What Are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are businesses that match candidates to job openings, in order to help their clients, namely employers, find the right persons for their open roles.

Consultants working in recruitment agencies actively seek candidates and help them customise their CVs and prepare for job interviews.

The main role of recruitment agencies is to streamline the job-seeking process.

A Brief Overview Of The Agency Recruitment Process

Different agencies have different work procedures.

First of all, a company contacts the agency to let them know they have a role that needs filling. Then, the recruitment agency does the following:

  • Search their database of available candidates to see if they can find a match
  • Post the vacancy on job boards to attract people with the right skills and qualifications to apply
  • Once they’ve put together a list of suitable persons, they send these CVs to their client for approval, and schedule interviews with the agreed candidates.

How Can Work With Recruitment Agencies?

You can simply reach out to them and tell them you’re interested in finding a new job.

When you call these agencies, it’s good to tell them upfront which is your industry of interest, in order to ensure they do have available roles for you. Also, keep in mind that some of these agencies work only by pre-approved meetings only, so you’ll have to proceed accordingly rather than showing up at their front door.

Alternatively, you can add your listing to their database. Should your CV match any of their available roles, they may contact you to schedule an appointment.

How Can I Apply To Jobs Via Recruitment Agencies?

There are several advantages to finding a job through a recruitment agency.

The most important advantage is that these agencies will have already built up good relationships with many of the top companies on the market. Some may even have exclusivity, meaning that you’ll have access to these jobs before anyone from the outside. You may find yourself invited to interviews for job vacancies you would have never found otherwise.

Here are a few more advantages of working with a recruitment agency:

  • CV and cover letter customisation advice
  • Interview preparation with an expert coach
  • Post-interview – constructive feedback from the employer
  • Expert advice for your industry or sector or choice
  • Being among the first to be put forward for new vacancies as they arise

What Should I Do When I See A Vacancy Online Advertised By A Recruitment Agency?

Many recruitment agencies post their available roles online.

You are free to apply for those roles, but that’s not a guarantee that you’re going to get an invitation to an interview. Also, there’s no way of knowing whether you’ll join the agency, should you get that role. Oftentimes, agencies don’t mention the name of the employer in their advertisements, so you can’t tell which company you’d work for, should you get the job. Of course, they would reveal the name of the employer during your interview.

What Are The Costs Of Using A Recruitment Agency?

Such services are always free to candidates. Consultants get paid by employers and their fees are based on whether you’ve got the role and you’ve accepted it.