Private Tuition Benefits

Due to the high student to teacher ratio, tuition allows misconceptions and gaps in learning to be uncovered. A child frequently gets stuck in their learning due to not having the necessary previous learning in place and not because of how difficult the subject matter is. For example, without understanding decimals and fractions or not being able to divide a number by 100, students will be unable to work with percentages. An experienced teacher who works closely with her or his student can detect where the significant gaps are. If you think your child should take 11 plus mock exams in Buckinghamshire then please feel free to contact Marie Redmond Tuition as they are the best of the best when it comes to tuition in Buckinghamshire.

A private tuition curriculum is able to adapt in a flexible manner to the specific requirements of a student. If a particular area needs to be covered by a student, either because this is an area they are interested in working in or due to a gap that was found, a tutor will be able to provide that. There are requirements that pre-planned schedules and plans must continue to be followed.

There are numerous reasons to make the investment in private tuition. The following are 10 private tuition benefits you can expect:

  1. The student to teacher ratio is much smaller

Since private tuition occurs one-to-one or in small groups, students can focus much better and get taught in a manner that specifically meets their individual needs. Students at Inicio attend school in groups up to a maximum of six children. However, teaching is always done on a one-to-one basis.

  1. The right tutor

You do not get to choose your teachers at school. However, we match the tutor with the child after the first meeting we have with the student. That means the child will have a mentor who will teach her or him in the most effective way based on their individual learning style.

  1. Extra review

In school, there is often just a limited amount of time to review a student’s understanding and work. That might not always be sufficient. When students have a private tutor it gives them an extra opportunity to review those areas that they might be struggling in.

  1. Help with homework

When students have a tutor, they will have a guide to help the subjects they are doing their homework on much less stressful, a more effective learning experience, and less of a chore.

  1. Test Practice

Private tuition can help students who have difficulties studying tests by helping them improve their study skills and then ultimately perform on exams much better.

  1. Confidence

Since tutors and students are able to build more personal relationships, the tutor is able to see and help develop the potential within the student. In school, this is very easy for teachers to miss, particularly with children with average intelligence or who are well-behaved. That allows students to be more confident about their studies.

  1. Saves students and parents effort and time

Parents who have very busy schedules will not always have enough time to assist their children with their school work. The pressure is taken off when the children have a private tutor (although we do always encourage parents to spend as much time as they can with their children).

  1. Increased drive to perform at their absolute best

Since private tuition instructors are very focused on their student’s success, children are much more likely to have a strong drive to perform at their absolute best.

  1. Provides a safe environment for having open discussions

In large classes, students might not always want to ask questions. However, when they work with a private tutor they will feel more confident to speak up.

  1. Innovative methods are used to teach students

Since private tuition is done on a one-to-one basis, tutors are much more willing to experiment with brand new teaching methods that might be more effective for students.