Modern kitchen ideas – contemporary designs for cooking and entertaining

The old adage of ‘centrepiece of the home’ has never been truer – everything occurs here so even out-and-out workstations are being incorporated into contemporary kitchen designs. The latest tech is super-connected while appliances have become much quieter making dinner essentially take care of itself.

And given how we don’t want bolts and nuts in our peripheral view, contemporary designs hide them away at the back of tall cupboards doors, utilising innovative storage systems to get the most out of the space height.

What Should a Modern Kitchen Look Like?

A kitchen has to guarantee functionality and a skilled designer will ensure that occurs but, if you will be spending time here, you should think about surrounding yourself with components you love. For the night person, S/he may prefer immersing themselves in a dark theme with lots of texture and flexible lighting options that create the mood. If the kitchen happens to be the office and family hub, you should think about creating a sequence of zones and include whisper-quiet devices and finishes with bright functionality with a smidge of colour to maintain the energy flow.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

If you are looking for kitchen design inspiration, we bring you a host of options from cutting edge cabinetry to state-of-the-art appliances, start with kitchens Camberley for a wider variety of ideas and options to cater for you and your home.

Extend a Welcome

Getting a kitchen extension is one of the most sought-after home improvement projects and it’s not surprising why. Space is integral if you are looking to entertain in comfort and style. You should take into account all your requirements for every scenario, ranging from dinner with your friends to those lazy Sunday mornings and family activities across the week. Our kitchen extension designs provide all kinds of clever techniques for stretching your space.

Go Wild for Tiles

Over recent years, colourful tiles and pulsating kitchen backsplash designs have increasingly gained traction. They are an excellent method of integrating colour into your kitchen, that is if you fancy maintaining core paint colours more neutral.

Merge Old With New

If you’re fortunate enough to have your kitchen fitted with features such as fireplaces, exposed brick, or wooden beams, you have the option of integrating them into your contemporary kitchen design. A mixture of the old with the new gives your room more interest and provides your house with a unique twist.

Play Hide and Seek

When it comes to a country kitchen, the utility and pantry have been at the top of any kitchen wish list and the same case applies to a modern kitchen.

It’s a pragmatic setting for a sleek kitchen design which you will use to entertain guests and also keep the service area out of peripheral view. However, with pantry designs this good, hiding them away only robs you of the aesthetic appeal.

Light It Right

A well-lit set-up will transition your kitchen from daytime to night, offering varying light levels in various places to suit all needs. Bright light will be for where you cook and prep, while softer ambient lighting will be used in the seating area.

Think about how the lighting will appear when lit and unlit.

Make It Easy on the Eye

When it comes to the detailing and design, be playful – it will be easy on the eye. Match and mix tones and colours, and you can use unusual insets to break the gridlock.