Improving Your Brand Image Through The Washroom Experience

Bathroom standards in Britain are worth a pretty penny. You might be surprised to learn that your company’s washroom experience could make or break your business’ image. Restrooms in the modern day have become tools that can be used to improve your customer experience and branding.

Fortunately, you can improve the standards of your washrooms, with washroom services, without spending too much money; small changes could make a very big difference. By implementing a few simple changes in design to hygiene, you can help ensure that your clients – whether they are seeking refuge from abandoned public lavatories, or spending an evening at your restaurant eating a three-course meal – enjoy their experience at your establishment.

Stick to a Theme

While we all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, appearance, especially when it comes to public washrooms, are extremely important. And while your customers aren’t going to be eating their meals off your bathroom floors, the washroom in your restaurant is an extension of your establishment and should make your customers feel as if they’re in one consolidated space. It’s imperative to ensure that your washrooms don’t feel like an afterthought.

The design and feel of your washrooms should reflect your branding as a restaurant so that your customers feel that they’re thought of and valued, even when they leave your restaurant’s common area. In some instances, a unique bathroom design could help boost business, with customer stories and photos gaining traction on local news outlets or social media.

Keep the Room Clean

Regrettably, even beautifully designed washrooms can cause unpleasant experiences if they aren’t clean enough. And while cleanliness isn’t likely to trend on social media, it’s something that will lead to dissatisfied customers if it is lacking. Studies show that as much as 50% of customers that have ever used dirty restaurant restroom tell their family and friends.

Cleanliness and hygiene are fundamental in the catering industry. A well-maintained and spotless restroom will not only keep customers from complaining but also boosts your image and builds your name as a brand.

Choose the Right Washroom Facilities

It can be hard to maintain a hygienic and clean restroom without the proper facilities. You could spend hours cleaning toilet seats and scrubbing floors, but if the bins in your restroom are constantly full to the brim because they’re too small, then that might create negative impressions amongst your customers.

Ensuring that the facilities in your restroom are regularly replaced/emptied and maintained is essential to creating a positive experience for your customers. Paper towel and soap dispensers should be topped up regularly, not only to encourage proper hygiene but also to prove to customers that their needs and comfort are constantly being anticipated. And while your customers might have had a great time dining at your establishment, there’s nothing that can spoil their experience much faster than having to track down a manager or server just to get some toilet paper in the restroom.

One common issue that lots of restaurants contend with is sanitary waste disposal. And while restaurants are required by law to provide sanitary bins, disposal of the waste itself isn’t the restaurant staff’s responsibility, but that of the company that provides the bins. As such, you must take your time when choosing a sanitary waste solutions provider to ensure that the people you choose are professional, punctual, and efficient.