A Guide To Whether Or Not You Should Tip Your House Cleaners

Should You Give Your House Cleaner Tips?

House cleaners, like any other service provider, appreciate getting tipped if they deserve it. That being said, when hiring one, there are certain cases where you may find tipping to be more appropriate than others. Several things can influence whether or not you should be tipping. For one, the size of the company. Another might be whether or not the company has a tipping policy in place. You also might want to factor in whether or not your home is in extremely bad condition from the start. Thus, you want to examine it on a case by case basis.

Self-Employed Versus Agencies

One of the first things you need to do when you are looking at whether or not you should tip is to consider the size of the company in question. Are you hiring someone that is working or themself? Are you hiring someone that is an employee of a large cleaning company? An individual owner is much more likely to take their fair share. Whereas, an employee of a large company is much more likely to get underpaid. Therefore, a cleaner that is working for themselves might not necessarily expect a tip. Whereas someone that is working for a large company may not only expect to get tipped, but their livelihood may even depend on it. By understanding this, you should be able to figure out whether or not a tip is necessary. If you have an office in Hampshire then search office deep cleaning Hampshire.

Any Tipping Policies

There is the factor of the company’s tipping policy. You want to check to see whether or not the cleaning company you are hiring has one in place. Some cleaning companies might have a specific policy in place to eliminate the pressure their customers get when it comes to deciding on whether or not to tip. Some companies may even build standard tips into the cleaning fee. That way, the customer doesn’t need to pay an extra amount on top of what they are already quoted. You want to look at the service agreement when you are trying to figure out if a tip is included. It will say whether or not it’s included which can solve your problem. Likewise, you may find some cleaning companies might have a strict policy in place that doesn’t allow their cleaners to accept customer tips. If this is the case, they may even decline your tip. If you aren’t completely sure about the company’s policy as it relates to tipping, you could always ask. They will tell you exactly what you need to know about whether or not you should be tipping your house cleaners.

Your Home’s Cleanliness

Along with factoring in the company’s size and any tipping policies, they may have, you also want to look at the overall state of your home. You want to factor in whether or not your home is an increasingly difficult job or an easy one. After all, if your home is a complete disaster and it’s beyond the normal scope of the job, your house cleaner is going to spend a lot more time and energy cleaning and organizing it than they normally would. Thus, you may want to spring for a tip in these cases especially if they do it without complaining and to your satisfaction.

Quality Of Work

The overall quality of work done is always something you should be considering when you are trying to figure out whether or not you should be tipping. After all, if they leave your home in an unsatisfactory condition, you’re likely not going to tip. Whereas, if they go above and beyond the scope of duty and they leave your home in pristine condition, you’re much more likely to want to reward them for a job well done. By tipping cleaners that do a great job, you will increase your chances of having them come back and continue to provide you stellar service.

How Much Should You Tip and How Often?

As soon as you’ve decided to go ahead and tip your house cleaner, you’re still going to need to figure out how much you should be giving them. There are several things that you should factor into your tipping calculation. For one, think about the scope of the services provided, whether or not you constantly get the same house cleaner, and what you’re service agreement includes. This will tell you whether they went above and beyond what you paid for according to your service agreement. Thus, you can get a good idea of whether or not they earned a tip for their efforts.