5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Driving Gloves

Ask around, and most drivers will say, “Nope, I do not wear driving gloves; they’re not my thing.”
Some of the most common excuses you’ll hear are:

1. I don’t own or drive a classic car

2. I don’t drive a supercar

3. I think wearing gloves is silly

4. Isn’t wearing driving gloves a little prestigious?

5. I rarely drive fast to need driving gloves

However, there are plenty of compelling arguments for investing in and wearing a pair of driving gloves.

1. They Help You Preserve Your Interior

The steering wheel has it hard throughout its life. Along with the seats, the steering wheel is the most used part of the car’s interior. In many cases, when you are the driver, it is among the first thing you touch when you step into your vehicle.

If you are adamant about keeping everything in your car pristine, including the steering wheel, you will benefit from a pair of driving gloves. Your gloves will protect the steering material from your oily and sweaty hands, thus preventing it from falling apart bit by bit.

This is especially beneficial for steering wheels clad in Alcantara, which wear out easily and fast. Ladies driving gloves will prevent your hands from destroying the steering in your car and ensure it lasts longer while staying in good shape.

2. They Ensure You Stay In Full Control And Drive Better

With a better understanding of user experience, OEM manufacturers have been using better materials on the steering wheel. No longer do car manufacturer use slippery materials; instead, they use materials such as Alcantara that offers supreme grip to bear hands.

Nonetheless, we still feel you will get a better steering wheel grip and support by using driving gloves. Picture this; you’re out on an afternoon drive in beautiful weather, enjoying a deserted curvy country road. Obviously, with the road all to yourself, you are pushing the limits of your car. Inevitably, your hands will turn sweaty, making your steering wheel slick and less grippy to handle hairpin turns.

Driving gloves protect your hands from sweating by wicking your hands’ moisture. Leather gloves are particularly effective in preventing sweat from reaching the steering wheel. However, lamb leather can become slippery.

Peccary leather is far more durable, more robust, and flexible and thus best used for driving gloves. You need a pair of these gloves when you enjoy your afternoon drive.

3. Protects Your Hands From Burning

Have you ever park your car under the scorching summer heat, only to find the steering is unbearable to touch, let alone to hold and drive. Even worse is when you have to force yourself to go while holding onto a hot steering wheel as you are in a rush.

A pair of quality driving gloves will protect your hands from burns and ensure you can drive comfortably.

4. Negate Hand Fatigue

Every true petrolhead loves a long drive. Every true petrolhead is always looking forward to the next road trip with excellent road, perfect scenery, and a memorable destination.

However, a long drive will tire your hands, especially if you’ve taken your classic ride out for a ride.

With a pair of Peccary leather driving gloves, your hands are better protected from vibrations and unnecessary slippage, which reduces hand fatigue. In a nutshell, these gloves will make your road much more enjoyable.

5. It’s A Styling Item You Should Use

If motorcyclists have taught us anything, there is something fascinating in the gear we wear. You can always distinguish a motorcyclist by the outfit they wear. If they are riding on a Ducati

, their clothing items will have certainly bear Ducati branding colours of red and white, with a conspicuous “Ducati” tag at the back.

While the outfit is just a small finishing touch to the whole experience, it does a lot to complete the experience. So, why do motorists not go the extra step to apply a finishing touch to their outfit?